I can’t particularly pin point the exact time how my relationship with beads all started. As far I remember I grew up with great crafters and artisans such as my mom, my grand mother and several of my aunties. They actually h

ave this room where in they would do crafts and actually got involved in

selling Christmas decorations. In other words I got exposed to the ribbons, beads, glue gun, buttons, and other craft terms I an early stage. Those stuff are not new to me during art classes. I think it became a regular thing just like breakfast.

Every time that my mom and grandmother would shop for their supply I would start having my on stash of craft supplies. I would start doing experimenting on different kind of crafts. I do have a fascination with jewellery and I do have a particular taste with it, therefore I try doing it myself. I think this was in my high school years. For starters I got several glass beads and nylon strings. Then I got introduce with the tools and using a wires and different kind of strings. Then during college Chandelier earrings was a fad back then so every time I go to parties I would try to make a jewellery that will match my outfit. At this time I do have several boxes of beads already at home. I try to develop my skills on my own. I even sold some of them to my personal network.

WCN039 3After college I got involve with Stitch & Things ( a local crafts store) , I was their official designer for bead accessories and made proto types for them to mass produce. I got exposed to a lot of options in my designs, new kinds of beads, tools and training in how to use a wire while working on beads.

Even I was working in a company, in my free time I would still work on several pieces for personal use or give as gifts to my family and friends. Actually, they are the one who encourage me on why not selling them online.

So now that I am a full-time mom and a part-time designer, this is the best time to set up my own website and hoping to express my art through beads.

Each time I am working on a piece it feels like a puzzle that I am eager to solve. I know the piece is ready when it makes me smile every time I look at it, I make sure each piece is unique in their own way just like me.



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