Monday inspiration

Well, hello Monday !! I woke up this morning well rested. Finally after 2 weeks of light sleep and feeling of uneasy. I know this week would be productively be busy since I do have to set up the studio to have summer workshops. At the same time I do want to start on another collection for wired charms. I am charging my creative energy for quite sometime now. I started my morning with writing in my morning journal, quickie yoga, short catch up with my bestfriend, then a healthy breakfast of cereals and a smoothie.




Then I saw these lovely anthuriums. Oh my!!! this just completed my morning. It definitely confirms that I would be so inspired this week, which I perfectly need it. Oh the colors! The colors! Are perfect for the peg I am using for wired charms this year and actually for our living. I can’t help myself but find a perfect space for the flowers.


My mom has been practicing Ikebana together with my grandmother and aunties, thus the reason we do have several collection of vases around the house. I actually know the basics and somehow I do enjoy doing them. Of course! It is another art form.



Actually I am writing this post having the perfect view of the flowers and where I place with the Buddha & my teddy bear, plus a Japanese fabric which my grandmother gave me. This fabric became the whole inspiration for our living room. Can you see the Wired Charms here? I offered it to buddha for safe keeping and continuing giving me strength and having a clear mind.


Oh what a lovely Monday, full of inspiration and good vibes! Hope you do too! Cheers to a creative week we will have.




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