My Attempt of Going Local

An intermission post from my “FIFTY” The Second Collection, it also stands the reason for some delay in posting the rest of collection here in WordPress and also in my Etsy shop.

Since I recently decided to be part of a local crafters’ bazaar for next month,  it is like assembling the troops now and preparing for the action for the comings weeks. I am proud to say that crafting became a family affair once again since 2 of my cousins will be joining too and selling their handmade goods, also my mom and my aunt do have some handmade stuff that they want to sell too.  So this week, been doing more shopping and sourcing materials with my mom, having meetings and getting my stuff organize.

Aside from that, I also got involve with my High School Alumni Community and helping them organize a fund-raising event and our reunion for February since it has been fifteen years since we had our H.S. Graduation. Wired Charms is actually excited to be part of their school fair on January.  I actually  just visited my old Alma matter this afternoon, it was great seeing my teachers still there, happy and they were very accommodating. As if I just graduated from high school.  I even saw my grade 1 teacher and my guidance counselor ever since grade 1 till high school. It seems like I just rode my very own time machine.  The school grounds seemed a lot smaller than I remember yet it is more serene than ever.

It was also my son’s finals week, I helped him study, even he says he knows it already and it is easy for him.  Teaching grade school student is like brushing up all your basic knowledge, may be until the time comes for Algebra and Geometry. I am not confident if I can still help him out that. May be I would suggest him instead to go online and research about it. I am actually surprised on how long and vast the scope of what they have to study for one tri-semester, it was brain over load.

Next week, will be dedicated to Wired Charms. I will be posting more pieces, creating more pieces for the bazaar and having a photo shoot once more. I do have 47 posts to go for this collection, hoping I could post them all within this month. So here goes and back to “FIFTY” The Second Collection.

F.Y.I. I do have all my beads, laces, ribbons, metal, beading mat ready and organized, plus the camera.


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