03 The Persistent

Persistent aren’t we? I am loving the photo layout of this. I think in the years that I have been working with beads, this is my first attempt to work on with 4-holes bead. I was so excited to try to experiment on the designs i could with it. I got inspired by the neon yellow flats I bought months ago. So it became my mission to look and use for a yellow bead. Even on how I arrange the beads, because of its color it still look so modern, thus the reason of dubbing it as Persistent.

As you notice, I have been using this abstract antique brass charm in previous pieces also, I actually do have it in silver too. I just love how simple and elegant it looks. Don’t you?

Lately, it was brought to my attention from my peers that my product photos looks dark, my apologies. All long it is perfectly fine because like it does in my screen here. I will do make time to adjust the lighting of my previous photos. I know for the first collection all of the photos were taken in the basement. I did made sure of using natural sunlight for the this collection “FIFTY”.



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