An Introduction to “FIFTY” The Second Collection

After two months since my last post of the first collection and within that period I was so inspired in doing this collection, sourcing out materials, researching for possible new techniques, creating new pieces, at the same time being a domesticated diva as ever and having a day job. My self-imposed deadline to launch this collection is finally here! Actually, the countdown helped me to produce this collection, as a constant reminder to create and prevent myself being in a procrastination mode,  to be more efficient and more productive. It taught me to seriously manage my time and do a juggling act of the things I have to do and want to do in twenty-four hours.

May be you are wondering why FIFTY? Honestly, I got inspired by the Fifty Shades of Grey Series. After completing the first collection, I took a break from beading and crafting and got hold of the three books and finished it within a week. Much as it was entertaining, I had a light bulb moment of creating FIFTY new pieces altogether and naming each piece from each shade of personality. Oh yes! It was a real challenge for me, and perfect in way to keep me interested in doing it. Since I could relate with the main character of the series of discovering myself having Fifty Shades too. What a relief it was of just being aware of it. It took a lot of brainstorming and editing the look of the collection since at first I was overwhelmed with so many ideas reeling in my mind and materials I want to explore with.

What to expect on the FIFTY collection? More bold pieces with different kinds of materials. You would see a lot of ribbons, laces, beads, pearls, fabrics, colors and they are here to make a statement. I am still in line with the vintage look yet I tried mixing it up with a little funk and edge. I am giving myself a few weeks from now to complete the posting and blogging of all the pieces.

Please do keep in mind I am open for more suggestions and comments. Several pieces from the first collection are up for grabs in, for further inquiries you can email me at



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