“Brown Paper Packages, Tied Up with Strings”

I woke up on this lovely Sunday morning being so excited for Wired Charms,

  1. Not only that,  by the end of this week I promised to launch “Fifty” my second collection.
  2. My cousin Mikko of itrydiy.me who is also another crafter/blogger like me, ask me to join in a local Art and Crafts Bazaar on October, isn’t obvious I am excited. I was actually thinking of it for the previous days.
  3. I finally have an inspiration for the Wired Charms Packaging (Official).

Here is a back story, it started yesterday.

After a few days of struggling from a designer’s block, missing my creative mojo this week, due to caught in between of the things I have to do and what I want to do. Good thing it all ended last night.

We were at my niece’s second birthday party, talking about the bazaar. How we will do it? and one of my other cousin (Akiko)  will join with us too. Yes. It is official it became a family affair. One of our cousins (Ana) even cited that we became like our mothers before, we laughed in shocked. She is actually right, Mikko’s mom and my mom used to do craft together in our compound. They would make beautiful Christmas ornaments and decor or all year around home decor. My grandmother even hosted the place where in they named their workshop “Santa’s Workshop”. It is filled with ribbons, fabrics, beads, baskets, fabric paint and you can smell the glue gun out right. They would make several pieces of all sorts of crafts, I would even hangout with them a few times and got familiarized with the crafting world. I would even tag along to their shopping escapades looking for the materials they need for the projects.  Both my mom and my grandmother had an edge with me since they actually know how to draw. paint and they distinctly have amazing hand writing. I would remember that our living room and especially our Christmas would dress by my mom’s hand made decors.  I do have to search the photos.

I know at this time ideas keeps reeling in my head. Now, I realized my edge, is that I do have that I have creative gene, I can think of something nice out from a simple material, I am into making fashion accessories. I know I did talked about this in my Preface Page. Yet my mission in hand is to complete my “FIFTY” collection first! Of course I will!

After the party,  I decided to visit my favorite local bookstore just to do some research and looking for that solid inspiration. I am lucky I did have that light bulb moment there.

Suddenly, the line “Brown Paper Packages tied up with strings. These are the few of my favorite things”

I end up not buying at all, yet I was sure I do have tons of ideas in my head. The things I need is already in my craft cabinet inside my basement studio. Which makes me feel better! AHA! moment for real! Don’t you just love these kind moments. So I made sure before I hit the sack last night,  I wrote my notes.

Morning came with glee, having that feeling of excitement all over.

Still I keep singing the line…

“Brown paper packages, tied up with strings.

These are the few of my favorite things.”

Sounds Familiar? Sound of Music.

At once, I jump of to my desk, got my binder (where I keep all my notes aside from this laptop, old school isn’t?) a.k.a drawing pad. A few months ago I was trying out to make pillow boxes yet it is not officially for wired charms, until now.

Tried to make it while having my morning coffee and after my bacon, croissant and eggs breakfast.

Searched through my cabinet, it was like a treasure hunt for me. I used my in stock vintage wrapping paper, to make some doilies. I got my raw brown board paper to make the pillow boxes. I remember having natural Abacca strings somewhere.

TADA!!! Just oh so perfect for the Wired Charms Pieces.

Have a lovely Sunday Everyone! Loving these kind of mornings! Hmmm.. I will watch Sound of Music while I work in the studio today.  It is such a blessing I have my creative mojos back. I will be busy  doing the photo shoot for the “FIFTY” Collection…. only 5 days to go!!!

F.Y.I. The pink lace I used is a genuine vintage lace. I got it from the white chest of fabrics that my grandmother pass on to me. May be I will talk about it in a another post.

If you want to learn more about pillow boxes you can check out itrydiy.me.


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