Making It Official

Today,  I thought it will like just another day of errands, bank, photo shoot for Wired Charms, chores, and updates on my other design stuff. I end up making it official for Wired Charms.

Since my mom is the officer of the local Tourism here, she had a meeting with DTI (Department of Trade & Industry) today, and since my bank is in the same building, I tagged along. Actually it is a nice way to promote Wired Charms too. Just stepping inside the office, I said why don’t make Wired Charms official already, since I am here. Very mixed emotions of excitement and skepticism.

The officers there notice my necklace that I was wearing.  Of course, I am flattered and all, she even suggested me joining the trade fair next month already. I was in awe at first, being the talkative me, I replied that I was selling it online. I said my jewelries are not mass produce, it is one of a kind. I think she even likes the idea. That is a nice thought, really? Who would not like that? People appreciating your art and your creativity. Time will tell as they always say.

Then I saw a copy of the Directory of the Local Manufacturers of Rizal.  I actually like how it looks, and how lively it is, unlike those other government documents I have seen before. Actually, I do really want a copy of it for reference, I am searching for local manufactures that I can collaborate or can make beads for me. To actually help and promote our local manufacturers too.  I found really interesting and possible partners. For sure, I will blog about it.

It made me think…Can a hand-made beaded jewelry designer be listed there? without losing the passion and the love of creating. How great would that be? Nice motivational thought. I think in any fields of design that I do (jewelry, interior, graphics, events, & layout), I am more keen of expressing my art and passion for it.  Thus the reason, it is not surprise for me if there are times it takes me so long to finish a design and I don’t mind how many revisions it would as long as it goes with my vision. It would be a surprise for me if I finish it so fast. Thank God for creative juices, keep it coming!!!

I think I really do enjoy making beaded jewelry or a hobby for me rather than think about it is a business. I am officially selling my art, of course! I am proud that someone is wearing what I created. It is just like me in interior design, when my client is happy on how my vision fits their lifestyle perfectly. I think that is the number one reason I am a designer by passion now. I like making people happy with what I do or create.

So far, I am bit surprise that I have been getting traffic  into the site and the responses I get. I am ecstatic. Love the encouragement my friends!!!  Thanks for the love and support. I got inspired with the other bloggers (my new found friends) on how  honest, creative, amusing and entertaining their site is.

This time around I would rather take small steps, than exhaust myself on something, and end up with nothing.  Keeping in mind, I would love to see the growth in my art, with Wired Charms, and as a designer by passion. Next step, is opening a shop in etsy and of course! keeping this site well updated.


3 thoughts on “Making It Official

  1. I wish you success in anything you decide to do. Your jewelry is beautiful and you should sell it. At least on Etsy as a start, then maybe something bigger one day when you are ready. 🙂

    • oh yes! I am just finishing organizing my first collection. several more items to post.
      Then fortunately, last night I have a amazing idea for the next collection.
      Excited to get working on it. Thanks for your support Sonja! as always!

  2. Thanks so much Sonja! Very nice encouragement there. I will do take your advice on Etsy. I just do have to organize my online account and keeping track of all the passwords. I totally agree with you on that.

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