Crafts books Are All I Read

I know for the fact that I am not a reader of books such novels and pocket books. Yes. I dd several yet it was not my thing. I would always say why read it when you can watch it. Don’t get me wrong I did read several like my friends would recommend like Tuesdays with Morie, Alchemist, By the River Piedra and Harry Potter book 1 & 2. I am a fan of Pable Neruda and Paolo Coehlo. Still it is not my regular thing.

Every time I would see a bookstore either I would check out cook books, design books, children books and crafts books. Thanks to the world wide web I seldom buy those books. Yet there are still books I could not resist and those are crafts books or great books about beads and interesting do-it-yourself books.

Here is are the titles I have so far, It amazes me how different they are from each other. I actually get excited every time there is a book sale and I would find interesting craft books. I wont go home without it. I think half of my stash came from a book sale.


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