First Vintage Collection

I have three necklaces that I could not let go, very sentimental to me. I made this necklace during my recovery period after my car accident last 2007. I had to stay at home for a week while I was still working in a modular cabinets company, I only had minor surgery. Yet, very traumatic experience, so instead of dwelling about the accident, if I could not sleep, I took out my beads and tried making. I thought I was gonna make my usual at that time chandelier earrings or bracelets, or a string necklace. I was surprise of ending up with the 3 pieces and using them as part of the outfit until today.

I think these 3 pieces proved the growth in my jewelry designing at the same time making them. These are the first vintage style I made and mixing different kinds of beads all together. Everything was still self-taught yet I got inspiration from different books, magazines and online photos.

This is the time when I explored the beads that my two grandmothers gave me (Lola Aging & Lola Nancy). I used mostly on the shade of brown and white, Swarovski crystals, amber, pearls, glass, antique brass connectors for the first two pieces. This is the start designing and making timeless pieces, my first rosary style necklace. 

This the first ever charm necklace I made. Using antiques brass as metal base. I used several vintage glass beads and crystals. My favorite was crystal with gold accents. I intentionally made them in separate yet I end up using them at the same time as layered pieces.

This is the first lariat necklace I ever made. I am very surprise on how versatile it can be. It was actually used in video campaign that I cameo in the lead model and stylist chose it for one of her scenes. Amazing!!! Here I used tear drop purple glass  beads, pearls, crystals all in the shade of violet and small amber beads for accent.

You can see how I evolve as a bead jewelry designer and creator through my current collection. My next goal after launching the website is to have snapshots of my friends and relatives that has wired charms already and how they used it in their outfits. I know me, my mom and my best friend Arlene are the top models.


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